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1-on-1 Sessions


1-on-1 Sessions allow us to develop and implement customizable programs suited to your game. We work together to break down the details and make your game more consistent and improve individual skills.

  • 10 pack:     $850

  • 5 pack:       $425

  • 3 pack:       $275

  • 1 session:   $100

*Ice rental not included

Semi Private Sessions


With a 2:1 goalie to coach ratio, Semi Private Lessons allow us to work with both goaltenders to improve and refine areas of each goaltenders game.

  • 10 pack:     $950 ($475 per goalie)

  • 5 pack:       $500 ($250 per goalie)

  • 3 pack:       $300 ($150 per goalie)

  • 1 session:   $120 ($60 per goalie)

*Ice rental not included

Team Practice

Team Practices allow us to see goaltenders in a practice setting and enables us to pay close attention to their practice habits and tendencies. Prior to booking Team Practice Packages, you should consult your Team Coach/Manager. We can work with the coach to have one end to work with the goaltenders for a majority of the practice while the players work on skills or we can also work with one goalie at a time.
  • $80/hour
*Please Note: Team Practice time slots are first come first serve. Contact us directly for availability

Video Analysis


Send us your video of practices and games and allow us to break down habits and save selection, scenarios, tendencies, etc. from a distance or combine with 1-on-1 Sessions to allow for even more context during on ice sessions. Contact us to inquire about availability, options, and rates.

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